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Mesa de Mistura Yamaha Mixer MG 12/4

200 €
Yamaha MG-12/4 Mixer
MG mixers go beyond the basics to give you extensive control for a wide range of applications - with the no-compromise Yamaha sonic quality that make the MG mixers the finest in their class. Whether music is a hobby or profession, these mixers will deliver total satisfaction. Choose your 12 (6 mic) or 16 (10 mic) channel MG series mixer and get to work. These mixers feature smooth, "musical-response" 3-band EQ on all input channels, 4 busses - a stereo group bus and outputs that can be used for convenient channel grouping, in addition to the main stereo bus- plus 2 aux sends (1 pre, 1 post), and a stereo return. All mono mic input channels also feature a switchable highpass filter that can be used to cut out unwanted low-frequency noise, phantom power and an insert point. Other features include XLR & TRS main outputs, TRS group outs, stereo RCA Record outputs, and stereo TRS C-R output. MG mixers deliver great sound, total control, and superior reliability. Rackmount hardware included.

A Century of Sound Behind Superlative Mixers
Yamaha is an unusual company. There are very few others who can claim "total music involvement," but that is Yamaha's position. They've been making fine musical instruments for more than 100 years, industry-leading sound reinforcement mixers for more than 30 years, and cutting-edge digital mixers and music production gear for 15 years. In sound-reinforcement terms 30 years is a very long time. In fact, 30 years is roughly equal to the total history of sound reinforcement (the term "sound reinforcement" wasn't even used back then -- it was still "PA"), and they've been there the entire time. Innovating, leading, and in many ways defining the development of modern mixing consoles.

They're still at it. Yamaha is proud to introduce the Yamaha MG-series mixing consoles. There have been no compromises in this new line. The MG mixers are built for great sound, total control, and superior reliability. In fact, they undergo the same rigorous quality and reliability tests as Yamaha's world-class PM-series mixing consoles. But, by taking full advantage of the latest Yamaha technology and manufacturing techniques, Yamaha has been able to pack these superlative mixers with more value than you'll find anywhere else. In short, they offer extraordinary performance and mixing power at remarkable prices.

If you need a high-performance analog mixer for music production or sound reinforcement, the Yamaha MG Series is the first -- and last -- place you should look.

MG12/4 Mixing Console
Superlative Balance Of Sound, Size and Features

12 Input Channels
Four mono microphone/line inputs and four stereo line inputs, 2 of which offer mono microphone input capability.

6 Low-noise, High-precision Mic Preamps
Six high-performance head amplifiers that will bring out the best in any dynamic or condenser microphone.

Phantom Power
All six of the MG12/4's high-performance mic preamps feature switchable phantom power for studio condenser microphones. A single switch turns phantom power on or off for all six channels.

Insert I/O
All mono input channels feature insert I/O patch points so you can add extra signal processing to the channels as required.

4 Buses (Stereo and Group)
In addition to the main stereo bus, the MG12/4 features a stereo group bus and outputs that can be used for convenient channel grouping.

3-band Channel EQ & HPF
Smooth, "musical-response" 3-band equalizers on all input channels. All mono microphone input channels also feature a switchable highpass filter that can be used to cut out unwanted low-frequency noise.

2 Aux Sends & Stereo Aux Return
Two auxiliary sends on each channel - one postfader and one switchable for pre- or post-fader operation - provide plenty of flexibility for external signal processing and monitoring. A stereo auxiliary return is also provided.

Illuminated Switches
Illuminated ON (ST buss assign), PFL (Pre- Fader Listen), and phantom-power switches provide easy visual confirmation of critical console settings.

Rack Mount Adapters Included
Use your MG mixer on a desktop or mounted in a rack - the rack mount adapters are provided.
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